Al-Jahra- Al-Jahra, 32km west of Kuwait City, is the site where invading troops from Saudi Arabia were defeated (with British help) in 1920. It was also the site of the Gulf War’s infamous ‘turkey shoot’ – the Allied destruction of a stalled Iraqi… [Read More]

Yangon, Burma

Yangon is the capital and the largest city of Burma. Formerly known as Rangoon, the city derived its name from the two words yan and koun, which mean “enemies” and “run out of”. It was founded in the 500s as Dagon, a small fishing… [Read More]

Tehran, Iran

Tehran is the capital of Iran. The name Tehran is derived from Iran/Tirgan? which means “The Abode of Tir”. The city, which was known as a village in the 9th century, turned out to be a residence of the Safavid rulers in the 17th century… [Read More]

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE and the largest of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. The emirate, which holds 70% of the country’s wealth, is also the largest of the former Trucial States. During the 20th century… [Read More]


Simultaneously noble and squalid, cultured and desperate, Kolkata is a daily festival of human existence. And it’s all played out before your very eyes on teeming streets where not an inch of space is wasted. By its old spelling… [Read More]