Pyongyang, North Korea

Traffic has been increasing on the once-empty streets of this extraordinary capital. That said, little else has changed in Pyongyang (‘flat land’) over the last couple of decades. The city remains an eerie, unchanging place of wide streets, endless grey and white Soviet-style blocks, vast… [Read More]

Jakarta, Indonesia

At first glance, this hot, smoggy city, which sprawls for miles over a featureless plain, feels like nothing more than a waiting lounge for the millions queuing up to make their fortune. Jakarta’s infamous macet chokes its freeways, town planning is anathema and all attempts to forge a central… [Read More]

New Delhi, India

Delhi – with its tenacious touts and crush of mechanical and human traffic – can be downright confronting and confounding for the first-time visitor. But don’t let petulant first impressions muddy the plus points of this truly multidimensional metropolis. Scratch beyond the… [Read More]

Dili, East Timor

Scruffy and chaotic, Dili is not one of Asia’s great capitals. But look past the burnt-out buildings and refugee camps and you’ll find a place with a quiet charm. Dignified colonial buildings await restoration, and frangipani trees drop flowers on streets trodden as often by goats… [Read More]

Phnom-Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh: the name can’t help but conjure up an image of the exotic. The glimmering spires of the royal palace, the fluttering saffron of the monks’ robes, and the luscious location on the banks of the mighty Mekong; this is one of Asia’s undiscovered gems. But it’s also a city on… [Read More]