Thimphu, Bhutan

Have you ever dreamt of being to Shangri La? If yes! then this is your chance to visit a place which may not have any relations with the above, but has all the qualities at the same time. Capital to the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, Thimphu is perhaps the smallest capital in the world… [Read More]

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka is more than just a city, it is a giant whirlpool that sucks in anything and anyone foolish enough to come within its furious grasp. Around and around it sends them, like some wildly spinning fairground ride bursting with energy. Millions of individual pursuits constantly… [Read More]

Kabul, Afghanistan

Today, Kabul seems to change on an almost daily basis. Swathes of the city have been cleared, and new buildings are quickly thrown up as if in a steroid-powered building contest. The air is thick with the sound of mobile phones. New restaurants and busy bazaars cater to the… [Read More]

Mumbai (Bombay), India

Measure out: one part Hollywood; six parts traffic; a bunch of rich power-moguls; stir in half a dozen colonial relics (use big ones); pour in six heaped cups of poverty; add a smattering of swish bars and restaurants (don’t skimp on quality here for best results); equal parts of… [Read More]

Bangkok, Thailand

Such contradictions give the City of Angels its rich, multi-faceted personality. Delve just a little deeper and you’ll find a city of climate-controlled mega-malls and international brand names just minutes from 200-year-old village homes; of gold-spired Buddhist temples sharing… [Read More]