Jakarta, Indonesia

At first glance, this hot, smoggy city, which sprawls for miles over a featureless plain, feels like nothing more than a waiting lounge for the millions queuing up to make their fortune. Jakarta’s infamous macet chokes its freeways, town planning is anathema and all attempts to forge a central… [Read More]

New Delhi, India

Delhi – with its tenacious touts and crush of mechanical and human traffic – can be downright confronting and confounding for the first-time visitor. But don’t let petulant first impressions muddy the plus points of this truly multidimensional metropolis. Scratch beyond the… [Read More]

Dili, East Timor

Scruffy and chaotic, Dili is not one of Asia’s great capitals. But look past the burnt-out buildings and refugee camps and you’ll find a place with a quiet charm. Dignified colonial buildings await restoration, and frangipani trees drop flowers on streets trodden as often by goats… [Read More]