Catch the 36th Annual ‘Asbury Shorts’ Film Fest at The Astor Room in Kaufman Astoria Studios

October 10th, 2017

Asbury Shorts, New York City’s longest-running short-film exhibition, reels into Kaufman Astoria Studios in Astoria on Thursday, Oct. 19, and Friday, Oct. 20. The same lineup of globally honored shorts will screen at 7:30 pm on both nights. Co-presented by The Astor Room, the pieces are recommended for ages 16 and way above. [Read More]

AsianInNY 2017 Fashion Show Brought Over 500 People to China Institute

September 25th, 2017

AsianInNY hosted the 2017 Annual Fashion Show on the afternoon of Sep. 23, 2017. The celebration was filled with spectacular performances which included music, singing, cocktail reception, and runway fashion shows. The event brought in over 500 people with many VIPs including Ambassador of Taiwan Lily Hsu, China Institute President James B. Heimowitz and many important buyers to China Institute ground floor located at 100 Washington Street, New York. [Read More]

AsianInNY 2017時尚秀: 創新風格魅力十足

September 24th, 2017

配合紐約秋冬時裝週,AsianInNY與文化部駐紐約台北文化中心首次合作,23日週六下午於華美協進社舉辦2017 AsianInNY服裝秀,邀請臺灣知名新銳設計師陳科維、汪俐伶來紐約展現其最新設計,並加入潮牌「THRILL」設計師呂白、「Snowman」品牌設計師陳妍儒、越南裔設計師Danny Nguyen及珠寶設計師陳佳欣,活動盛大,吸引400位嘉賓出席包括駐紐約臺北經濟文化辦事處徐儷文大使, 華美協進社社長賀志明(James B. Heimowitz)和重要的買家,並展現80套全新設計服裝,為紐約秋冬時裝週增添創新融合之亞洲風情。 [Read More]

AsianInNY 2017時裝秀結合藝術文化, 展現東西方創新的設計風格

September 19th, 2017

AsianInNY (亞洲人在紐約) 是紐約首屈一指的跨多元文化和娛樂的資訊分享平臺。AsianInNY將於2017年9月23日下午2:00-4:00pm 在 China Institute (紐約華美協進社) 地址: 100 Washington Street, NY 舉辦2017 時裝秀。演出陣容強大, 結合時尚與文化藝術的精緻饗宴,將為各族裔觀眾展現亞裔風采! [Read More]

AsianInNY 2017 Fashion Show: A Perfect Combination of East and West Culture

September 13th, 2017

New York, NY, Sep 15 2017 – AsianInNY, New York’s premier online destination for multicultural networking and entertainment, will host its 2017 fashion show and cocktail reception on Sep 23rd from 2:00-4:00pm at 100 Washington Street, Manhattan New York. This year’s fashion show will feature six Asian fashion designers and brands including Alexander King Chen, Edison Lu, Liling Wang, Danny Nguyen, Jennifer Chen and Wendy Chen. This year’s show partners with Taipei Cultural Center in New York to bring two of the most talented designers from Taiwan to the fashion capital New York City to showcase what the Taiwan high fashion is about, and also once again partnering with China Institute, the oldest bicultural and non-profit organization in America to China. [Read More]

Kevin Liles and London On Da Track Partner with Verizon to Bring Back the Art of Freestyle with National Emcee Competition

July 28th, 2017

Freestyle represents hip-hop in its purest form – authentic self-expression that achieves a universal truth. Although rap has taken on many different forms over the years, nothing can compare to the raw power of spontaneous rhymes being spit by an emcee artist who’s seen it, lived it and feels it. That’s why music mogul Kevin Liles and mega producer London On Da Track are partnering with Verizon to inspire the next generation of rappers with the #freestyle50 challenge, a national talent competition in search of the next voice of hip-hop. [Read More]

Finding Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons Flushing Town Hall Hosts Benefit Concert Celebrating Power of the Community

July 28th, 2017

Flushing Town Hall hosts a benefit concert on Friday, July 28 to support the continuation of funding for the arts and arts programming. Local community members and artists are taking a stand to emphasize the importance of celebrating global cultures and arts events. [Read More]

GOOD MAKER Launches The World’s First Hair Products with Aesthetic Medicine

July 19th, 2017

Headquartered in Oregon, GOOD MAKER launches the world’s first hair products with aesthetic medicine, a special development in hair products that extends skincare concept to hair and scalp care. People nowadays are smart and generous when shopping for themselves. With the popularity of aesthetic medicine, whether a person is twenty or sixty years old, everyone is in search for a youthful looking skin and they follow inclusive-care trends. However, with extreme climate changes and conditions, more and more people are compelled to look towards basic “growth capacity” treatment for skin and hair care. GOOD MAKER has an R&D team of aesthetic medicine professionals who provide cutting edge technology research to care for their clients’ hair and scalp the way they care for their skin. GOOD MAKER focuses on enhancing the fundamental power by launching six series of aesthetic medical hair products. These products not only take away most of the hair and scalp troubles caused by environmental changes and stresses in life but also meet consumers’ needs to achieve a beautiful and chic look fast! GOOD MAKER products have been received beautifully from designers in a variety of beauty salons. They believe that GOOD MAKER products solve both client’s hair problems as well as enhance their professional look. Most importantly, GOOD MAKER products provide exceptional high quality products and exquisite service experience to all their clients. [Read More]


July 7th, 2017

KCON USA, the world’s largest Korean culture convention and music festival, announced that KCON 2017 NY wrapped with record-setting attendance, number of performers, sponsors and partners, as well as concurrent live streams on its KCON.TV platform. The entire convention filled with workshops, panels, performances, and more, matched perfectly with this year’s banner theme – “Let’s KCON.” [Read More]

“Tap City, The New York City Tap Festival” Presents “TAP ELLINGTON” AT JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER

July 7th, 2017

Tap City, the NYC Tap Festival, will celebrate jazz legend Duke Ellington and his contribution to the world of tap dance at “TAP ELLINGTON,” on Friday, April 14 at 7pm, The Appel Room at JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER, 10 Columbus Circle. The evening, presented in association with Mercedes Ellington, will celebrate Ellington’s music as well as his unique legacy of introducing, promoting and presenting tap dancers to audiences all over the world. TAP ELLINGTON is a highlight event of the American Tap Dance Foundation’s Tap City Festival week (July 8-15). [Read More]