Beijing, China

A city of neatly ordered design accentuated by sporadic authoritarian statements (Tiananmen Sq, the Great Hall of the People), Běijīng still stumps first-time visitors who arrive expecting a ragged tableau of communist China, only to be bowled over by its modernity and immensity… [Read More]

Manila, Philippines

It’s a pity that Manila is often disparaged, as there’s much here to like. For one, all the adjectives often used to describe the Philippines – jovial, laid back, casual, corrupt, shambolic, earnest and more are on display here more than anywhere else in the country. It’s a truly teeming… [Read More]

Tokyo, Japan

Old and new are forever juxtaposed in Tokyo: its residents are at home both donning loincloths to shoulder a portable Shinto shrine through Asakusa’s religious festivals and piloting humanoid fighting machines in Akihabara’s robot sport tournaments. Tradition, happily… [Read More]