Alexander King Chen Debuts SS20 Collection in New York to Express Concerns for Climate Change

October 13th, 2019

Renowned fashion designer, Alexander King Chen’s SS2020 showcase at Fashion Week Brooklyn is not just a collection of meticulously handcrafted “couture” pieces, his personalized collection tells a riveting story. Since losing both of his parents in 2019, Chen embarks on a journey to give back and to use his designs to artistically express his vision and social conscience. This year, he is speaking up for mother earth and climate change. Through his masterful draping and cutting techniques, he designs garments and works of art to create awareness and drive change in behavioral mindset for the betterment of our global environment. [Read More]

AsianInNY11週年時裝秀, 呈現強烈亞洲風

September 15th, 2019

AsianInNY (亞洲人在紐約) 是紐約首屈一指的跨多元文化和娛樂的資訊分享平臺。AsianInNY於2019年9月14日星期六下午3:00pm 在「陳錦芳文化館」( 地址: 335 West 35th Street, NY) 舉辦11週年時裝秀, 並且在美國知名的《全美超級名模生死鬥 America’s Next Top Model》第四季的冠軍儷瑪·摩娜 (Naima Mora ), 及《決戰伸展台 Project Runway》的第一個變性超模 Mimi Tao特別加入走秀, 強烈呈現亞洲風是AsianInNY時裝秀活動最大的特色並且是紐約的唯一! 駐紐約經文處楊副處長光彬, 紐約台灣商會江明信會長, Brooklyn College研究生表演藝術系主任Tobie Stien, 微軟副總裁Anthony Salcito, Good Maker 醫美級專業髮品代表, 還有普拉特藝術學院 (Pratt College) 多位教授蒞臨。 [Read More]

AsianInNY 11th Annual Fashion Show Stuns at NYFW

September 15th, 2019

AsianInNY, New York’s leader in Asian networking and a multicultural platform, presented their largest annual fashion show during New York Fashion Week for their 11th Anniversary. With a new line up for Spring/Summer 2020 collections, AsianInNY’s 11th Annual Fashion Show was held on Saturday, September 14th at the Garment District inside TF Chen Art Building located at 335 West 35th Street New York.

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